Flybarless Gyro Programming Software

Adding a language to FBL


If you are able to translate the FBL program to another language, I am sure the community using the FBL program would certainly appreciate it.

The following explains what you need to do to add a new language to FBL.

When you have the translation working, please send me the language file and I will add it to the next release.

The following languages are already available as of version 1.22

  • English
  • French
  • Greek
  • Russian
  • FBL configuration

    You will need to download FBL version 1.20 or later.

    Install the FBL software.

    In the folder where the fbl.exe program is installed (e.g. c:\program files\fbl) you will find the files English.lng and fbl.ini

    Copy the English.lng file to a file for your language, e.g. if it's going to be french, name it French.lng

    Edit the fbl.ini file and add the name of your new file without the .lng extension to the [Languages] section

    For example, if you created the file French.lng, you would add it as below


    Edit the French.lng file and find the line that contains ENG=ENG and change it to be ENG=XYZ where XYZ is the three letter code for your language (you can check here)

    For example, France is FRA, so you would change it to ENG=FRA

    You now need to create a folder under the FBL program folder with the same three letter code.

    Now copy all the files from the ENG folder in the FBL program folder into your new folder

    You are now ready to translate!


    The language file that you have created (e.g. French.lng) will contain the default English expressions.

    There is one section header at the top of the file, which is [Language], this should not be changed

    The remainder of the lines consist of the English expression, an '=' sign and then the same English expression.

    To create the translation, you need to change the English expression on the right of the '=' sign to the language you are translating to, e.g. French

    You may use non-english characters as FBL supports unicode multibyte characters. Just type in your favourite text editor

    When you want to see how the translation appears in FBL. Start FBL, go to File/Properties menu and select your language from the drop down box

    After you press OK, the new language will be loaded and displayed.

    If you want to reload the language file at any time, just open the Files/Properties dialog again and press OK (You do not need to reselect your language)

    You will also need to translate the contents of the param files in the folder that you created earlier. The contents of the param files are displayed in the Advanced Dialog when you press on the i button beside a parameter.

    Translation Hints

    The direct translation may not always fit the available space. You will need to check the translation and shorten it to fit.

    The param files are HTML formatted and you may use HTML tags in them.

    Some of the expressions in the .lng file contain HTML tags. When this is so, you may also use HTML tags in the translation.

    There is the english expression Sent Packet %d of %d in the .lng file. This is used in the Upgrade dialog to show the progress of the firmware upload. It is important that your translation contains the two %d expressions in the appropriate place as these are replaced at runtime with the corresponding values. e.g. Sent Packet 1 of 243.

    If you need any other information or assistance, please email me

    When you are done

    When you are satisfied with your translation please email the .lng and param files to me