Flybarless Gyro Programming Software

Program Revision History

Version 1.23 Released 21/12/2013
  Fixed error in Receiver Type. Futaba S-Bus option was omitted.
  System upgrade to XE5. Runtime libraries statically linked in exe.
Version 1.22 Released 08/04/2012
  Re-arrange language storage structure
  Add Receiver type configuration to setup for the ZYX-S gyro
  Re-arranged language directories
  Added support for the ZYX-S Tarot unit
Version 1.21 Released 08/04/2012
  Corrected fbl.ini file, was missing languages section
  Added more to language file
Version 1.20 Released 06/04/2012
  Close Com Port on Exit
  Added Ability to copy conditions
  Fixed issue where Piro Optimization check would force gyro to condition 2
  Added language choice to parameters menu
  Removed English and Russian DLL overlays
  Re-engineered language interface to use .lng files
  Language files can now be added by users without program changes
Version 1.19 Released 25/03/2012
  Track which condition has been loaded
  Correct negative values not showing in paramater comparison
  Check that both conditions are loaded before saving
  Update the advanced dialog is condition is changed externally
  Update Collective range in setup window when condition changed externally
  During connect procedure. Invite user to toggle TX aux switch to allow loading of alternate condition data
Version 1.18 Released 23/03/2012
  Added colour to condition buttons
  Added ability to Connect to stop connecting
  Added Aux Function to Advanced page
  Added column resize to Compare Parameters
  Disabled condition buttons if Aux Mode is Switch Condition
  Disabled alternate condition load if Aux mode is Condition Switch
Version 1.17 Released 23/03/2012
  Changed internally to hold condition 1 and condition 2 values
  Added Mode button to allow selection of other condition
  Implemented firmware upgrade
  Modified firmware upgrade so pre-connection to gyro is optional. Upgrade can be performed without pressing the connect button. This allows for failed upgrades to be retried.
  Added condition 2 output to ini file
  Added comparison screen. Comparison screen shows the difference of the two modes
Version 1.16 Released 19/02/2012
  Added information for advanced parameters
  Added Russian translation (Thank you Ruslan)
Version 1.15 Released 30/01/2012
  Fixed problem where 6th servo type could not be selected
  Fixed issue where 3rd com led would go green after loading ini file
  Added warning message on transmit file and force update to warn if gyro not connected
  Prevented data being queued to gyro when no gyro connected
Version 1.14 Released 29/01/2012
  Changed Main Menu Bar Style
  Changed Status Bar Style
  Fixed initial screen positioning
  Improved Gyro comms protocol handling to check that configuration messages are accepted
  Changed Status bar to show number of queued messages
  Hid Firmware update controls until such time it is functional
  Changed com port leds to show activity when detecting module
  Warning produced on attempt to close program if data is still in output queue to gyro
Version 1.13 Released 25/01/2012
  Fixed issue where non signed values read from ini file caused bad trim values
  Fixed issue where using next/prev buttons was not setting shadow values for servo trim values
  Added group boxes to all controls to get consistent colours
  Added app wide form styler
  Shortened up tab names to make them fit 800x600 screen resolution
  Changed name of Clear button on servo trim page to Reset
  Added Properties dialog with colour scheme
  Added Graphic to Collective Adjustment page
Version 1.12 Released 25/01/2012
  Fixed negative values problem re-entering into advanced parameters page
  Fixed some of the values not retaining negative settings on setup pages
  Added Cyclic/Collective adjustment controls on Servo Trim Page
Version 1.11 Released 23/01/2012
  Advanced parameters page now allows negative values for Tail compensation values
  Advanced parameter page now validates all values are in acceptable range and highlights any errors. It will not update gyro until errors are corrected.
  Advanced parameter page now has fly over hints to show valid range for each entry
Version 1.10 Released 22/01/2012
  Updated installation package to include update DLL files to fix faulty gauge drawing
  Added system initialisation file to remember last com port used. Requires write access to the fbl.ini file in same directory as fbl.exe file. Permissions should be set automatically by setup.exe
Version 1.09 Released 22/01/2012
  Fixed ini file to save negative values (has no impact on previous versions of ini files, they will all read correctly).
Version 1.08 Released 16/01/2012
  Added functionality to set up dialog so next and previous buttons are enabled/disabled as appropriate
  Added Helicox TG-1 compatibility
Version 1.07 Released 14/01/2012
  Fixed Hardcore/Extreme button highlighting reversed when ini file loaded
  Changed defaults for Roll, Pitch and Yaw D gains to be those recommended by BF
  Resized Application to fit 800 x 600 screen resolution
  Changed setup program to confirm overwrite of the default.ini file
Version 1.06 Released 13/01/2012
  Preset Button color changes on selection
  Added FBL section to ini file
  Added [FBL] Preset (0 = No Preset)
  Made Reset button functional. Reads default.ini file from the same folder as exe file
  Added [FBL] ModelName
  Added model name to main screen
  Added new item on status bar to successful load and save of ini file
  Changed to make .ini the default save file extension (it is added if user does not supply it)
  Updated to write out SpinSpeed 1 thru 4 in ini file. These are repeats of other parameters in ini file
  Changed application icon
  Added Force Update button
  Added hints to some of the buttons
  Implemented functionality for reset buttons for main and tail rotor settings
  Fixed Install file to install as fbl.exe rather than copterx.exe
Version 1.05 Released 12/01/2012
  Fixed Pirouette updating wrong value (Tail YAW P Gain)
  Added logging capability when monitor tab enabled
Version 1.04 Released 11/01/2012
  Added Enter and Focus events to edit boxes
Version 1.03 Released 10/01/2012
  Initial Release
Version 1.02 Released 04/01/2012
  Monitoring Release
Version 1.01 Released 04/01/2012
  Monitoring Release