Flybarless Gyro Programming Software

Have you gone Flybarless?

If you have gone flybarless and are using the ALZRC 3GYS, CopterX 3X1000, Helicox TG-1, Hobby King ZYX or Tarot ZYX then this software may be useful to you. Based on the Tarot ZYX programming software, this program will allow you to use the same software functionality even if you are not using the Tarot ZYX gyro.

To use this software with your gyro, you will need a USB programming cable suitable for use with your gyro. The Tarot USB programming cable is an example of a suitable programming cable.

This software is provided on an all care no responsibility basis. The software is still Beta software and it may pay to double check your configuration using a programming box.

I am looking to provide this software in other languages (Russian is done). If any one is willing to donate their time to translate the text, here is the information on how to do it , thanks.

You can download the latest stable version here or zipped version here

You can download the testing version here or zipped version here

The alpha version 1.23 that adds some support for the ZYX-S can be downloaded here or zipped version here

If you're feeling generous, any donation gratefully accepted.